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The women’s entrepreneurship and leadership masterclass

This Masterclass will empower you, as a person of the next generation of women leaders, to help you to change your life, work and your world around you so that it aligns with your values, and we aim to move towards a new model of a woman’s leadership that is needed today. Lucia Usurelu is a storied executive Coach and entrepreneur who has dedicated her life and career to uplifting women in the workplace. Lucia co-founded WE Accelerate Project for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Global Entrepreneurship Network GEN Moldova as a way to boost forward women who want to change their lives, their work and their world for the better as the next generation of women entrepreneurs. As an Ambassador of LeaderSHE program, Lucia believes that women’s leadership has never been more critical than it is today.

Benefits for participants:
1. You will learn from the experience of other women entrepreneurs;
2. You will be able to establish authentic connections to enjoy and keep you responsible for fulfilling your great dreams.
3. You will learn about the practical tools and resources available for inspired actions to start the next initiative
4. You will learn more about yourself and the prosperous community of the WE network
5. You will find more options as creative solutions for your business
6. You will have the opportunity to ask questions

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Lucia Usurelu