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Unicorn or dragon: How to tap into the Chinese market for growth

Unicorn or Dragon: How to tap into the Chinese market for growth

With over 1.3 billion population and 1 billion cyber citizens, sharing the 1/5 of world GDP, China now is the second largest economy entity in the world. It is definitely a booming market and a blue ocean for European businesses, especially for start-ups and growth companies. Longsighted leaders and entrepreneurs make China as the key segment in their global business strategies. Chinese business models, consumer behaviours, cultural characters, e-commerce, and social media changed tremendously since last 30 years. Everyone is looking at this wonderland for unique business opportunities. However, facing an exciting China, global leaders find it difficult to understand a real China, as the way people doing business is so different from the west. Now expanding to China becomes a must but with challenges to lead forward. This event provides an unique opportunity for start-ups to learn how to narrow down the gap between difficulties and success in China. It equips participants with deep insights about Chinese business models and entry China strategies. It helps start-ups to avoid failures, overcome difficulties and succeed in China.

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