IAAD - Via Pisa 5/d - Turin


Don’t hesitate, accelerate

Recommended criteria to participate:

  • You need to be a start-up already founded.
  • You have a team in your start-up.
  • You have a product that is defined and already in use.
  • Your business model validated.

Founding a startup can be considered as the riskiest job on earth, as its chances of successes to push through the first year stand at 4%. Startups are usually born by people that are low on resources, time and patience. They all share a vision and spark, but lack the tool box to materialize them. Tal will share his international experiences and some of the Startup Nation’s secret recipe to success, practical and useful tips, how to get a head start and beat the odds.

Each ticket will be sold for 299€  and is for a team of up to three people.

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Tal Catran