IAAD - Via Pisa 5/d - Turin


Developing an innovative and creative business model

Have your struggled to grow your business? Are you looking at traditional models for business growth?

Let’s then look at new and innovative ways of adapting your revenue streams and business model to create growth. What can we learn not from our competitors but from businesses outside of our industry? Let’s beat our competitors without trying to beat them. After all Amazon are the biggest retailer in the world without owning a single shop. Apple are the biggest music retailer in the world without owning a CD. This session will briefly look at business model innovation – a completely different way to look for business growth. Stuart is an innovation growth expert with expertise in business development activity within SMEs. His experience stems from supporting over 1500 businesses whilst at De Montfort University and a further 5 years of running his own businesses. He specialises in helping to develop and implement innovation practices within businesses through strategy, marketing and business model innovation. Stuart has hands-on experience in running a business, he is a SFEDI qualified business advisor and was previously nominated for an enterprise educator award.

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Stuart Hartley