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Well-being Sunday

Over the past two days you have made new friends, learned new things and maybe even challenged yourself. Join this personal retreat to restore and connect. Spaces for Sunday are limited to 150 people and will be given on a first come, first serve basis.

We have different sessions for you on this day:

Ryse and Shyne is a new early morning wellbeing experience from Sanderson Jones, co-founder of Sunday Assembly. This event is a cocktail of movement, singing, dancing, meditation, jokes and joy designed to make you the best version of yourself. Ryse and Shyne creates a deeply connected space that’s euphoric, intentional and doesn’t take itself too seriously. By the end of the hour you’ll be dancing on the ceiling ready to seize the day, the minute and the moment. Sanderson Jones has done solo shows the Sydney Opera House, launched the global Sunday Assembly movement and won numerous awards and accolades as a comedian and social entrepreneur.

Kindness Cafés is all about connection. Connecting from the inside out. Come and taste a little kindness to rest and restore after two busy days. An opportunity to just be and recharge and consider how you will take care of your wellbeing today and plan for how you will create a kindness habit in your daily routine. On the menu today is a ‘Special: Creating a Kindness Habit’.

An hour of Yoga: Asana positions, Pranayama and relaxing to restore your mind and body.

Registration will be from 10.30-11.00 am.

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Sanderson Jones

Adriano Travaglia

Christine Michaelis

Harpal Dhatt

Giovanni Franco