Investment Opportunities

We have built up a great network of investors across and over Europe that are interested in start-ups from all industries.
We know what investments they are seeking and we are working to select the start-ups that fit.
During the European Startup Festival start-ups have the chance to set up meetings with our investors that are confirmed for 2019 by contacting them via their LinkedIn profile that you can find in the short bios below when clicking on their image.
Our pitching start-ups from 2018 already saw some successes with our investors and some of them closed very relevant deals.

We are working to give you infinite opportunities of arising business!


Vineet Jain

Helga Valfells

Katja Bergman

Alexandru Bogdan

Andrei Cionca

Alex Molvin

Angel Hristov

Will Godfrey

Sebastian Saboune

Bogdan Pasca

Alexandru Savin

Bill Barber

Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir

Magnus Eriksson

Yasena Zasheva

Susanne Birgersdotter

Hampus Jakobsson

Pascal Levensohn

Jeff Burton

Balthasar Schramm

Nicola Lambert

Sam Bird

Roberto Jereb

Thomas Black-Petersen

Ezio M. F. Ravaccia

Giuseppe Donvito

Giovanni Burzio

Guilhem Ricci

Stefano Molino

Giulio Montoli

Philippa Martinelli

Mattia Carluccio