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India: A land of billion dreamers, innovators and entrepreneurs

‘ An interactive 90 minute session by Indian entrepreneur and business consultant Jeffin Ani Johns on latest developments and factors for success in Indian startup ecosystem which have made it one of the top 5 startup ecosystems in the world ’

Key highlights:
Indian start-up ecosystem- an overview

An interactive session on history, market size, growth rate and market trends of Indian startup ecosystem, one of top 5 startup ecosystems in the world along with top success and failure factors in Indian startup ecosystem in past 5 years

Cultural & political aspect of Indian market

An outlook into cultural and political aspect of Indian business market along with few real success and failure stories due to cultural and political sensitivity in India. Also there shall be a brief outlook into government policies in India to support startup ecosystem

Some successful startups from India

A brief story of few prominently relevant startups from India who have made a disruption in Indian market from various industries such communication , transportation, digital payment industries etc

Road ahead

Latest developments in India that will bring disruptive changes in Indian startup ecosystem in next 5 years.

What do we know, what have we learnt

A brief on ‘what one can learn’ from Indian startup ecosystem and Indian startups to implement in their own business ecosystem to attain success as well as how foreign entrepreneurs can plan their strategy to be a part of Indian startup ecosystem.

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Jeffin Ani Johns